Detoxification and Leaky Gut Go Green!

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Having Fun with

Living Foods Detoxification

Dr. Ritamarie's personal Journey Through the Six Week Detox Program

The first week of t0509_DRM_181_Fhe 6 week detox is more than half way over, and I've been doing it right along everyone!   My “shoulds” told me that Option 3 was the right way to go.  Lots of fresh green juice and wheat grass, sprouts, and green smoothies are after all nature's perfect detox foods.  They support your liver, provide loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, give your digestive tract the rest it needs and the nutrients it requires to repair leaky gut and get rid of pesky bugs, like the candida, parasites and bacteria that most of us have lurking in the crevices of our bowels.  Lovely thought, eh?

My life at this time is not conducive to juicing for hours a day and sprouting and all the preparatioSaladn and clean-up that entails.   After all, I still need time for kids, exercise, creating new products and programs, research, writing,  seeing patients and and growing my online business to reach the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide whose health needs a lift.  As it is I only sleep 4 hours a night…so where am I supposed to find the time to juice?

I've been doing option 2 of the 6 week detox program and LOVING it.  It's amazing how full you can get mostly drinking and eating green foods, when you space it out and add super nutrient dense whole food supplements.  I'm generally not a big proponent of superfoods and whole food concentrates.  I generally prefer the whole fresh foods as I grow them in my garden.

However,  years of toxic buildup, nutrient deficiencies and a damaged digestive track sometimes require a bit more than salads and fruit to get back into balance quickly.  That's why I created the leaky gut repair and detoxification protocols we use in the Six Week Deep Tissue Detox Program

The “food only” option that requires juicing, sprouting, culturing vegetables and LOTS of FREE time.  And some of our participants are doing it.  But most are doing option 2, like me, and using some whole foods concentrates, sprouted rice protein and greens powders, along with green smoothies, salads and juice whenever it's convenient.  You can follow my process and recipes on the Six Week Detox Blog.

Love, Health and Happy Detox smiles,

Dr. Ritamarie

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