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I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Dr. Steven Masley on my Vibrant Health Solutions Radio show.

It’s refreshing to talk to an MD, especially a cardiologist, who uses food and lifestyle as medicine rather than drugs and surgery.

Here’s the recording of the show.

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Below is a summary of the key points, in case you’re in a hurry:

According to Dr. Masley, more than 90% of heart problems can be prevented with proper diet and lifestyle choice.

He is appalled by our disease care system and feels we need a true health care system.

I couldn’t agree more.

According to Dr. Masley, the 2 worst dietary issues that contribute to heart disease are:

1-    sugar and flour

2-    trans and hydrogenated fats

The sugar and flour – white or whole wheat – trigger a glycemic response. He likes his patients to keep their blood sugar under 100 because when the blood sugar goes above 100, plaque starts to form in the arteries.

And hydrogenated fats make the arteries like plastic. They lose their elasticity and you’re more prone to a heart attack.

Dr. Masley confirmed that the stress test that’s normally done is not a good predictor of risk.  If you flunk the treadmill test, it means your arteries are most likely 70% blocked already.  Have you ever known of someone who had the blood and stress tests done, been declared in perfect health, only to drop dead o a heart attack a few days later?

Instead, he uses a special kind of ultrasound that measures arterial age, and can predict a heart attack 10-20 years in advance.  Of course if he sees those signs, he intervenes and recommends diet and lifestyle changes to remove the risk.

According to Dr. Masley, there are 5 major factors that protect from heart disease:

1-    fiber – 40 grams a day is recommended

2-    fitness

3-    reducing body fat % (hint: fitness and fiber help do this)

4-    Omega 3 oils from fish or algae, (approximately 1000 mg per day)

5-    Food factors

  1. Magnesium – found in green leafy plants. And oh, by the way he says to never take a calcium supplement unless it’s balanced with magnesium, because the calcium blocks magnesium.  If you supplement with magnesium, the amino acid chelated forms, like glycinate and malate are much better than the cheap and common oxide form.
  2. green and red healthy foodVitamin K – found in leafy greens and beets. Dr. Masley is a big fan of beets. He says that they’ve been shown to decrease blood pressure, improve circulation and dilate blood vessels.
  3. Potassium, abundant in many plant foods, including brassicas like broccoli and Brussels sprouts, and also in bananas and potatoes (watch out for bananas potatoes though because they can elevate blood sugar).
  4. Zinc found in pumpkin seeds and cashews as well as leafy greens and sea vegetables.
  5. Sea vegetables as good sources of minerals and omega 3 fats. He likes nori especially.
  6. Minimize grains. A small amount of quinoa or wild rice can be fine with a lot of vegetables (no more than 25 % of your plate).

I am happy to see an MD speaking out against fat phobia when it comes to heart health and establishing that it’s too much of the wrong fats that’s a problem.

I’ve been saying for years that it’s the sugar and flour and refined carbs, especially gluten, along with trans fats that are the worst culprits, so it’s nice to see an MD speaking the same truths.


Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.48.11 PMVisit Dr. Masley’s website to get a sneak preview of his  new book “The 30-Day Heart Tune-up” and grab his free gift about heart health, jam packed with vital information you can use immediately: 30 Day Heart Tune-up



What’s one thing you’re going to change to protect your heart?  Comment below:

You only have one heart. Make every beat count!

With deep appreciation for you,



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  1. Carol Jensen

    Thank you! Although I eat a healthy plant-rich diet most of the time, I’m still tempted by fresh hot rolls, or that occasional cookie or brownie. Interviews like this give me the motivation to overcome my family genetics for heart disease by continuing to be vigilant with my nutrition.



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