Fat, Fatigued, Foggy, Frantic and Flatulent: The 5 F’s of Adrenal Burnout

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A Silent Epidemic

As strange as it may sound, the problems of exhaustion, brain fog, insomnia, sensitivity to bright light, extra weight around the middle, irritability, afternoon slump, and similar symptoms are all often related to one cause. This culprit affects millions of people from much younger than you would expect to people in their twilight years. The seriousness of this issue cannot be overlooked. Your body is trying to tell you something very important. Your body is on “high alert”–too much and too often.

The Cause: Adrenal Burnout (also called adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion).

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Each adrenal gland in your body is no bigger than the size of a grape, but controls some very major functions in your body, specifically to keep you safe from real physical threats (think hungry tigers here).

When these glands are burned out, a whole host of domin0-like problems arise. It can get very complicated, because the adrenals are also closely related to the thyroid and many other important master glands, hormones and organs. For now, I've put these symptoms in five easy to remember categories.

Read on below to determine…are your adrenals fried?

The symptoms: Th 5 F's of Adrenal Fatigue, Exhaustion, and Burnout

1. Fat– As a result of cortisol surges, which raises blood sugar, your body begins burning muscle and turning it into fat, which tends to rest most commonly around the belly. If you have made great dietary strides and consider your fitness levels decent, yet still have the lingering problem of belly fat you can't seem to get rid of no matter what you do– look to adrenal burnout and cortisol spikes.

2. Fatigued– If you are both “tired and wired” at the same time, adrenal fatigue is most likely your culprit. Hallmark symptoms here are that you can't sleep at night, you struggle to get up in the morning, you fall asleep at your desk by mid afternoon, and yet you still feel “wired” and on edge.

3. Foggy– Brain fog results from the over-stressed body and adrenal exhaustion that forces the body to put nourishment, minerals, fuel into the fight or flight response rather than ongoing every day maintenance. Brain fog and fuzzy thinking are classic symptoms of a body whose adrenals are too taxed. Running from hungry tigers all day and night eventually makes it difficult for you to handle every day tasks, because the constant release of cortisol clouds your thinking. Plus there is a well-known physiologic fact that makes it hard for you to think straight when under stress – cortical inhibition. That's a fancy way to say your high-level thinking brain is shut down!

4. Frantic– In addition to the tired and wired syndrome, adrenal burnout and fight or flight gives you the feeling of being on constantly on guard, and plagued by endless worry. Adrenal exhaustion leaves you feeling frantic, and on high alert when you really don't need to be. Anxiety and panic attacks are very common with adrenal fatigue.

Depositphotos_7105549_xs5. Flatulent– Cortisol slows down digestion, then food rots in your gut, and creates toxic gas. You don't digest well when you are running from hungry tigers! This symptom is not only damaging to your digestive organs, but it's embarrassing socially and at work, not to mention that it can wreak havoc on your romantic life.

It may seem that these issues are insurmountable, especially if you have suffered with the discomfort of them for years. They may seem “normal” by now. Perhaps you have just thrown up your hands in defeat and just given up hope of moving past them. I am here to tell you that this is not the case. You absolutely CAN reverse adrenal burnout…sometimes in as little as 30 days…IF you know what to do.

Some Immediate Solutions


Start by:
  • creating a low stress lifestyle for yourself, and eliminating stressful situations wherever you can
  • adding in some FUN even if it's just a few minutes a day
  • identifying the underlying causes of your adrenal burnout
  • incorporating foods, herbs, and nutrients that nourish your adrenals (like maca, tulsi, cordyceps, and reishi)
  • exercising— but not too much (a key point)
  • getting tested – to see what your adrenals are doing on an hour by hour basis (We are encouraging all members of our new CAFE Program to get tested. We have a module devoted to understanding results and creating a program for yourself based on the results).
  • enrolling in my CAFE Program (Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion).

Because adrenal burnout is such an epidemic, I've created a brand new 5-part program to correct and heal your adrenal glands in as short of time as possible. The good news is that even though it has probably taken years to wear out your adrenal glands, it doesn't have to take years to restore them.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 4.39.21 PMThat is why I created CAFE (Correcting Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion). You can begin using the tips I shared above today. However, if you would like to take more permanent and targeted actions in a proven step-by-step system, I highly encourage you to do your adrenals a huge favor and sign up for my CAFE Program. You can take your life back.

Enter the CAFE

My wish for you is to have the vibrant health and energy to enjoy the life that you deserve!

With love and appreciation,


Comment Below: What stress-busting techniques have worked for you to relax your adrenals?

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