Gluten-Free: Is it Just a Fad?

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It’s becoming an increasingly well-known fact that there is a serious issue with many of our diets. There are more and more products popping up on the grocery shelves with a new label: Gluten-free

What does it mean for you?

When we eat the gluten in these grains, it can cause health problems. Gluten can also cause problems in your skin and nervous system, as well as problems with depression and behavior.

Some symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity are:

Depression, migraines, ADHD, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, balance problems, epilepsy, inability to concentrate, autoimmune thyroid disease, and dermatitis, are amongst the many non-digestive disorders that have now been linked to gluten intolerance.

Joining Dr. Ritamarie for a 2-part series is Dr. Thomas O'Bryan.

Part 1 will cover what gluten is and how it really affects the body. Part 2 will cover where you can find gluten, and some tips for removing gluten from your diet.

Dr. Thomas O'Bryan is an Internationally recognized speaker and workshop leader specializing in Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease. He is a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for chronic disease and metabolic disorders.  He is a clinician par excellence in treating chronic disease and metabolic disorders from a Functional Medicine Perspective.  He holds teaching Faculty positions with the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Institute for Integrative Medicine and the National University of Life Sciences.  Dr. O’Bryan is always one of the most respected, highly-appreciated speakers.  Dr. O'Bryan's passion is in teaching the many manifestations of Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease as they occur inside and outside of the intestines.

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