Healing Cancer: How Your Emotions are Essential to Recovery

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A woman is sitting in a doctor's office, seeking optimal health.
By Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

What would you do if you or a close loved one got the dreaded news…

…the “C-word”?

How would you handle it?

My 17-year old has already had enough exposure to failed cancer treatments and loss of loved ones that he’s already decided he would have no part of conventional therapy. He’d be happy to slosh down wheat grass juice, or even cardboard for that matter, if he thought it would nourish him back to health.

Raised on a healthy, whole foods high-green vegan diet since birth, he’s a strapping young man of 17. No scrawniness about him. He’s lean, muscular, and strong. He needs to be to get up at the crack of dawn to swim 3 or more miles every day then work out in the weight room.

He’s convinced he’s doing all the right things to protect himself from disease. Other than a broken arm about 4 years ago, he hasn’t been to a doctor since he was 7 after his brother jumped on his head in the swimming pool. When he complained of a headache several hours later, I took precautions to get a second opinion to be sure he didn’t have a hidden brain injury. He was fine.

And this is how it should be.

“C”is for Choices

emotional choices

We all make daily choices about what to eat, how to move, when to sleep and how to think and feel.

Yes, we do decide how to feel.

Not consciously necessarily, but it is a decision on some level.

Most people think feelings happen as a result of circumstances. Someone dies; we feel sad. A baby is born, and we feel happy.

I learned in freshman psychology class many years ago that there was really an A-B-C model at play:
  • Activating event (stimulus) filtered through a
  • Belief system (and subsequent thoughts) results in the
  • Consequence (emotion).

A circumstance arises and our belief system triggers a thought about it, which triggers an emotion.

The emotion then sets off a cascade of physiologic and biochemical changes which leads to either healing or disease, depending on whether the emotion triggered is positive or negative.

So what does this have to do with cancer where this article started?

Healing the Emotions that Cause Cancer

Timea Havas

My radio show guest, Timea Havas, believes feelings and emotions have everything to do with cancer. In fact, she was given up as incurable by the medical doctors 22 years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer, a rare blood disorder, and liver problems.

Did she give up and take on the death sentence they offered her?


She went on a mission to heal herself and what she discovered opened her eyes to a whole new world.

Can thought and feelings really create disease? And more importantly, can they help you to heal?

Decide for yourself.

Listen to the life-changing recordings of Part 1 and Part 2.

Hopeful Call for VolunteersHaving lost so many relatives and friends to cancer, I am so touched by the work Timea is doing. She’s worked with 108 cancer patients, many 4th stage and some with only weeks to live. 106 are cancer free. That blows away the success rate of conventional treatment.

The catch is, you need to be an active participant in your recovery with the emotional work Timea does. There’s no playing victim and allowing yourself to have your treatment dictated and just hoping for a positive outcome.

Listen to the archive, and then check out Part 2!

There are also not-to-be-missed additional resources for understanding natural cancer prevention and treatment here!

While I don’t believe it’s prudent to just deal with the emotions without also looking at the lifestyle and diet factors that contribute, I also think that just looking at the diet and lifestyle factors offers limited success.

An oncologist I admire, Dr. Lodi in Arizona, told me that his first appointment with a new patient is spent MOSTLY talking about the attitude shifts that are needed for a successful outcome.

With all these resources at our disposal, I feel hopeful that the current epidemic of cancer will turn around soon.

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    Great book on Amazon to help everyone deal with the emotional toll of cancer called “Survivng Cancer: The Emotional Toll” Getting great reviews.



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