How Do Vegans Get Their Calcium, Iron, Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D?

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Where do vegans get their nutrients is a question asked by many concerned relatives and friends. Calcium, protein and Vitamin B12 are the nutrients that most inquirers are interested in. All the while, they're chowing down on burgers and fries, fritos and coke. It's very interesting.

As with all diets, you need to be conscious of the balance of foods you eat to be sure you get all the nutrients your body needs to thrive. Such is true of veganism as well. Many people tell me that they eat any they want as long as it's vegan. That's a good way to get yourself into trouble. A poorly planned, unbalanced vegan diet puts you at risk for deficiencies of several vitamins and minerals, just as a poorly balanced omnivorous diet does.

Greens need to be the cornerstone of any diet, and this is especially true of vegan diets. Sea greens are exceptional sources of minerals that have become depleted in our soil an deficient in many land vegetables. The way greens are prepared is especially important for nutrient balance and absorption.

Trevor Justice of the Vegan Mastery Program is offering a new e-book called “How Vegans Get Calcium, Iron, Protein, A, B12, & Dand it’s packed with good information, like the importance of fermenting, sprouting and germinating to enhance absorption of these key nutrients, what good vegan sources of these nutrients are and how to combine foods and nutrients to get best absorption.

If you'd like to thrive on a vegan diet and avoid being vulnerable to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, thus guide is a great resource. When you request the guide, you’ll also get access to a recording called “Balancing Raw and Cooked Whole Foods” plus a few other reports and articles.

To get your complimentary copy of the new e-book from the Vegan Mastery Program “How Vegans Get Calcium, Iron, Protein, A, B12, & D” simply follow this link.

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Dr. Ritamarie

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