Overcoming Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Exhaustion with Pleasure!

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I work with a lot of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Adrenal Exhaustion.   There are a few strategies I teach right up front that are almost guaranteed to improve energy metabolism.  The beauty of the approach I'm about to share is that it's a pleasure to incorporate into your daily health rituals.

Much of what I learn about health and healing, I learn form my kids.  They have an uncanny way of opening my eyes.  I  learned a lot of lessons this week.  It started last Sunday when I had an unexpected day of unplanned connection and fun.  I'd had a particuarly busy week the week before…3 coaching programs running at the same time, and each with specific tasks to do…emails, private consultations, teleseminars, group coaching calls, and materials creation.

My bad habit, when it comes to my health, is staying up too late.  Because of the intensity of the workload I had been going to bed at 3AM or later for 2 weeks.  I decided to sleep in on Sunday.  After getting up at 10, the plan was to go for a run, then have a green smoothie and do some writing and editing.  I'm working on completing 2 books… the most complete book about dehydation on the market today with my coauthor Chef Alicia Ojeda (www.ezrawfoods101.com) and a complete holiday recipe and health guide.  They both needed edits.

As fate would have it, my run was delayed until very late…when I went into the kitchen to get some water before running, my teenage son Eric was there, and in the mood to talk.

If you've ever raised a teenager, you know that when they're in the mood to talk, you drop everything and listen.  It's a rare and incredible experience.

So we chatted, and I made him breakfast.  We chatted some more and I made him lunch.  In cleaning up after the meals, I realized some of my spice jars needed refilling.  As I filled the spice jars, I realized that I needed to do some reorganizing.  When I brought something to my bedroom to put away, I noticed that my painting table needed to be cleaned off…it had become a collection spot for miscellaneous items without a home.

I decided to set the table up so all my water color painting supplies were ready so I could paint at any time.  With that set up, I could sneak in a few minutes here and there and maybe finally finish the painting I started a year and a half ago.  Realizing that now was as good a time as any to start, I decided to do 10 minutes of painting before my run.  10 minutes lead to 40!  It felt great.

It was 4PM by the time I started my run.  When I returned, Eric asked me to drive him to the store for some needed toiletry items.  I agreed and again spent some enjoyable time with him.

This very pleasant Sunday put me in touch with the realization that I love having unscheduled time.  I realized how much I miss just hanging out, and I decided that I need to schedule a day a week off email and work related activities.  It was a great day.

A very important part of your health plan is schedled time for fun. I teach it all the time and sometimes I get caught in the time trap and ignore my own advice.

Since then I've scheudeld time almost every day this week for fun.  And my painting is coming along nicely.

Do it.  When you're having fun, your biochemistry changes.  You become more relaxed and your digestion improves.  Your hormones are more balanced.  Your neurotransmitters become more balanced and as a result your mood improves.  Your fatigue disappears.  Your adrenals repair.

I'm planning to schedule at least 5 minutes of fun every day.  My life and my health depend on it.

How about you?  What will you do to get your daily dose of fun?   Post your reply in the comments box below.

Love and Health and FUN,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo


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