Practitioner Corner: 3 Mistakes Holistic Health Practitioners Make

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That keep them from getting great results with complexes cases and growing a thriving practice

Doctor Communicating With Female PatientWell, you've probably heard the buzz about my new webinar that's Wednesday, November 13th, where I am going to share strategies you can put into place right away to solve the tough cases that tend to deflate your confidence!  You know the ones I mean, right?

You know the clients I am talking about, right?

They tell you they've been to other practitioners, been trying to heal themselves for years and they are coming to you because  they are tired of conventional medicine and heard that nutrition might be the answer.  You listen to the complexities of their case, and you think “how am I going to be able to help?”  worse, you struggle with where to even start, so you just begin where you always do.

You ask for a diet diary, and are shocked to discover they are doing many of the things you often suggest – like eating salads, drinking  greens, eating organic foods and exercising.

“Now what?” you think.

If you've ever been in this situation, you know the frustration and  confusion it causes.

But what if you had a deeper understanding of how things work “in there”.


What if you could systematically unravel the puzzle?


On the webinar tonight, I will help you to begin to do just that.


And I'll go into detail about the 3 top mistakes I've seen practitioners make and how to begin to correct them:

1- Not asking the “right”  questions

2- Not having a step by step system to unravel the mystery and apply sound nutrition and lifestyle protocols

3- Not having a deep enough understanding of the complex web of hormone imbalances that are generally at the heart those tough cases and how to apply nutrition to bringing hormones in balance

Because hormone imbalances are not just about the reproductive hormones, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, people are often surprised to discover that things like low energy, skin rashes, mood swings and brain fog are intimately connected to hormone balance.

I will go into detail about hormone interconnections on the webinar.

Become a leading edge practitioner who knows how to dig deep.  The result's you'll get with clients will be so amazing that they will be telling everyone they know about you.

Make sure you register for this ground breaking webinar:


With love and appreciation,


Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo


What additional questions you have regarding avoiding making mistakes when helping your clients ? Comment below!

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