Practitioner Corner: Insulin Resistance – An Epidemic You Need to Understand

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Download-2As health coaches, we all know and teach our clients about the dangers of eating processed foods and sugar.  Processed foods stress the immune system, paralyze macrophages, the “PAC Men” of the immune system and leave the body with defenses down for several hours.

What most practitioners are not aware of is just how widespread the problem of insulin resistance is.  Insulin resistance usually follows a period of excessively high insulin secretion, due to over consumption of carbohydrates.  After a while, the cells down regulate to the signal of insulin, mainly to protect themselves.

As the cells become more and more insulin resistant, the pancreas secretes more and more insulin.  The cells that don’t become resistant, the endothelial lining of the blood vessels, suffer from excessive insulin, and become stiff and inflamed.  Levels of c-reactive protein rise, causing inflammation and damage to delicate blood vessels linings, and set the stage for hypertension and “clogged”  arteries.

It’s important to get your “at risk” clients comfortable with testing their blood sugar, and adapting what they eat to their findings.

It’s also important to understand which herbs and nutrients can support your clients.

Insulin resistance leads to belly fat accumulation, fatigue and brain fog, symptoms you’ll find your clients complain about A LOT!

Watch HERE next week for the announcement of my Insulin Resistance Practitioner Training program, where you’ll learn the strategies that will reverse insulin resistance, often in as little as 3-4 weeks, and create fit, trim, healthy happy clients that will be forever grateful to you.

Additional Practitioner Resources:

Holistic MBA is a business started by my friends Carey Peters and Stacey Morgenstern –  their new 4-month business training for holistic practitioners.  It’s called Holistic MBA Core, and you can find out more here:  Holistic MBA Core.

They did a set of free videos with handouts that you can catch  HERE:  HMBA Training

How to Transform the Fear of Public Speaking into Powerful Confidence is a free webinar where Jonathon Bender (MS, MFA Authenticity Coach & Intuitive Business Strategist) will detail the 5 Keys to Speaking with Confidence, how to find authentic presence, and a detailed look at the fear that arises – and how to change it.

Click here for the replay:
Public Speaking

With love and appreciation,


Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo


What new tools do you use to help your clients to better understand the role of insulin resistance? Comment below!

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