Protecting Yourself From the Flu: 5 Tips for a Strong and Healthy Immune System

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It's that time of year again.  As the autumn ushers out the warm and balmy sun filled days and the days grow shorter and shorter, we enter into the season that many associate with colds and flu.  This year we're particularly aware of the flu season as reports fill the airways of the dangers of the swine flu and the miracle of the new vaccine.

Before you jump in and get in line with your sleeves rolled up, ready to have the flu shot, I suggest you do some research and make an informed decision.  The main ingredient in any vaccine is either killed viruses or live ones that have been weakened and made less harmful.

A hidden danger of flu vaccines is the chemicals they may contain, such as ethylene glycol (antifreeze), formaldehyde, phenol and thimerasol(mercury containing preservative) .  There has been legislation passed to remove thimerasol from all vaccines because it has been correlated with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.  That ban was lifted so as to get the swine flu vaccine to market faster.

While there is a lot of reliable information on the web about the swine flu vaccine, there is also a lot of garbage.  I have quotes below form what I believe are reliable sources.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny one of the country's most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding the impact of vaccines on health, has a lot of good information about the swine flu vaccine as well as other vaccines.  I suggest studying her information before making a decision.  .

I found her article The Truth About the Flu Shot to be particularly enlightening.

An article was  published in Natural Health News last Monday called Vaccine Revolt.

In it, Mike Adams explores the hype and the dangers of the vaccine.  Here are a few highlights, interspersed with my comments:

1- more than fifty percent of moms are refusing to expose their children to the swine flu vaccine, and nurses and health practitioners across the US and UK are going vocal with their opposition to the vaccine.

2- Swine flu is actually no more deadly than a normal seasonal flu

3- While there is evidence showing that the vaccine produces antibodies,  the mere existence of vaccine-induced antibodies doesn't directly translate into functional, real-world immunity!

4- The vaccine has not been properly safety tested by the FDA or the drug companies. They were approved by the FDA with a waiver,  bypassing the normal process of long-term safety testing that the public expects the FDA to enforce.

Dr. Mercola published several good articles on the swine flu vaccine.  One  called Squalene-The-Swine-Flu-Vaccines-Dirty-Little-Secret-Exposed discusses the dangers of the adjuvants put in vaccines, and this one in particular, squalene, that's in the swine flu vaccine.

Here are a few highlights from Dr. Mercola's article:

“The purpose of an adjuvant added to a vaccine is to enhance your immune response to the vaccination. Adjuvants cause your immune system to overreact to the introduction of the organism you’re being vaccinated against.

A study published in the American Journal of Pathology demonstrated that a single injection of squalene into rats triggered “chronic, immune-mediated joint-specific inflammation,” also known as rheumatoid arthritis.

Your immune system recognizes squalene as an oil molecule native to your body. It is found throughout your nervous system and brain. In fact, you can consume squalene in olive oil and not only will your immune system recognize it, you will also reap the benefits of its antioxidant properties.

The difference between “good” and “bad” squalene is the route by which it enters your body. Injection is an abnormal route of entry which incites your immune system to attack all the squalene in your body, not just the vaccine adjuvant.

Your immune system will attempt to destroy the molecule wherever it finds it, including in places where it occurs naturally, and where it is vital to the health of your nervous system. ”

I highly recommend that you read and research before deciding about immunizations for flu. There are lots of possible adverse effects.

You may be wondering how to protect yourself from the flu without the risks of the vaccine?  The secret is to build a strong immune system.

I've shared 5 ways below.    For more you can sign up to receive the recording of a teleclass I held a couple of weeks ago on this Immune Boosting, Flu Protection Strategies

1- Give you immune system the nutrients it needs to fight infection. These include Vitamin C, beta carotene, bioflavinoids, magnesium, zinc, B-vitamins and omega 3 fats.  And how do you get these nutrients?  My favorite sources are fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, root vegetables and raw seeds like flax, hemp, chia and pumpkin.  The best way to insure that what you eat has the highest nutrient content is to eat these foods in their fresh, raw, organic and natural state.  Fresh pressed green juices are extremely nutrient dense, as are green smoothies.

2- Get lots of fresh air and sunshine. Vitamin D is one of the key nutrients in immune health.  Studies show that you can knock out the flu within a few days by taking very high doses of oral vitamin D.  The best source of Vitamin D is the one made by your body when you're exposed to natural sunlight during the peak UV times of the day, approximately 11AM -4PM.  If you're unable to do this then you need a Vitamin D supplement

3- Cleansing your body from the inside out.
Giving your system a rest from heavy foods, stress and constant activity allows it to get rid of the waste products that accumulate as a result of your busy lifestyle and exposure to toxins in food, air and water.  The simplest way I've found to cleanse is using Green Smoothies.  I conduct a guided green smoothie cleanse about 5 times a year and I never cease to be amazed at the results people get.  What better way to prepare yourself for the flu season that to do a Green Smoothie Cleanse. For details, refer to

4- Get plenty of rest and sleep.
Studies show that the less sleep you get the more likely you are to get sick.  Your body repairs and cleanses from the day while you sleep.  If you sleep less than 4 hours a day, this ability is severely impaired, leaving you susceptible to illness.  Don't chance it.  Get at least 6 hours of sleep each night, and 8 is closer to ideal.

5- Avoid sugar and processed food like the plague
…because it is like the plague!  At this time of year it's particularly pervasive.  Sugar abounds.  Halloween is coming in a couple of weeks, and with it the onslaught of candy and processed junk food.  Did you know that there is a 50% decrease in the effectiveness of your white blood cells to fight infection for up to 4 hours after eating just 2 teaspoon of sugar?  Imagine your poor immune system after Halloween, if you continue to eat the traditional treats.  There is an alternative. My book Healthy Halloween Treats is filled with delicious recipes and information to keep you healthy this year.  It's available at

And speaking of Green Smoothies, we are proud and excited to be hosting a presentation on Friday October 23, featuring Victoria Boutenko, author of Green for Life and many other books, and her son, Sergei, author of Fresh and founder of Harmony Hikes, which specializes in leading wild edible walks and multi day adventures.

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The talk is in Austin Texas, but will be broadcast live over the internet to all over the world.  Replays are also available. To signup, go to

I wish for you the joy and freedom that a strong and healthy immune system brings.

Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

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