Radio Show: Maximizing Your Impact: How to Look, Feel, and Live Your Best

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rp_jump-for-joy-150x150.jpgHost and Guest Speaker:

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo interviews                                              Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC, FDN



In this show you'll learn:

  • Why it is so difficult to achieve work/life balance, but how to do it
  • Why we sabotage our own success in the areas of health, wellness, and professional success
  • What some immediate steps are that you can take to look, feel, and live better

Listen to the Replay:

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Having an impact on your own life, as well as those of others, takes improving both your inner and your outer game. It takes:

· A lean, fit body filled with energy and vitality
· A mindset that propels you to be, do, and have more
· A dynamic, charismatic, and magnetic image that invites people to want what you have
· A lifestyle that not only supports but amplifies your growth

It’s not as hard as you think when you focus on 4 crucial areas that need to be strengthened in order to become your personal and professional best.

Join Dr. Ritamare and Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC, FDN, The Mojo Coach®, as they show you how. They’ll share the secrets and strategies you need to create a dynamic presence along with the tools you need to implement as you create that winning edge.

debi-whiteDebi Silber MS, RD, WHC, FDN, The Mojo Coach®, President of Lifestyle Fitness, Inc., and founder of TheMojoCoach, is a health, weight loss, fitness, wellness, lifestyle, and personal development expert. She's a speaker and author of 2 books recommended by Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Canfield, and many more. Debi's branded The Mojo Coach® because she's led countless others to achieve their ultimate body, mind, image and lifestyle; inspiring them to “get their mojo back,” and helping them transform into their personal and professional best. Her proven COMPLETE Transformation System: Your 5 Step Blueprint to Create Your Ultimate Body, Health and Lifestyle has enabled professionals from all over the world to quickly and finally achieve lasting success in the areas most important to them.

Debi has her own line of deliciously healthy Mojo Fuel Bars and shakes, is a featured expert on nearly 20 websites, is quoted regularly online and in print, and has also contributed to the Dr. Oz show, Shape, Self, Health, Working Mother, Psychology Today, WebMD, Yahoo Shine, Ladies Home Journal, MSN, Woman's World and Glamour to name a few.

The Mojo Coach® is THE secret behind some of the healthiest, most influential, charismatic, and successful professionals today.

Additional Resources:

Receive 20 Insider Secrets to Look and Feel Better ASAP.  Look at  The Lifestyle Success Tracker to track and measure areas of your life that need your attention – how to track and improve on those results.  You can also enter to win a private mini “Jumpstart Your Mojo” session with Debi.

Debi also has her book available on Kindle from Amazon, “A Pocket Full of Mojo: 365 Proven Strategies to Create Your Ultimate Body, Mind, Image, and Lifestyle.”

Check out Dr. Ritamarie's VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that plants and herbs play on your hormones and digestive health, as well as strategies to include in your daily routines to achieve more vitality.

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