Stress Management for Adrenal Fatigue and Hormone Imbalance

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A woman laying in bed with an alarm clock, experiencing stress management or hormone imbalance.

Do you have techniques in place for management of chronic stress, or does your stress manage you?

Are you like I used to be…a stress bunny…always feeling overwhelmed and worrying about this or that?

I have an active mind and I'm always juggling many projects along with my own health rituals.  I learned over 2 decades ago how food adds to the stress burden and I healed myself from chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, chronic sinusitis and debilitating headaches by conquering my stress demons.  My personal demons were related to food and attitude.  Do you know what yours are?

Adopting a plant based mostly raw high green diet, regular detoxification and learning the the attitude of gratitude allowed me to escape the grip of my stress demons and become the healthy, vibrant, energetic and happy person I am today.

Just last week, I was interviewed for the telesummit, “20 Fun, Easy & Effective Ways to Reduce & Manage Stress” and I shared my strategies for transforming stress using cleansing, detoxification and the art of appreciation.  It will be aired on Sunday July 25,  I'm sharing the stage with 19 other top self help professionals, including Dr. Bernie Siegel, best selling author of “Love, Medicine and Miracles”.

I'm really excited about it because all of the life changing talks are at NO COST to you.  Take a look at the lineup and I'm sure you'll agree that it's worth the time investment.  You can pick and choose the events you'd like to hear.  Each day between today and next Monday, there will be 3 talks aired and you'll have 24 hours to listen for free.

There are 3 fabulous meditation digital audios  given away as free bonuses when you signup for the free Stress Reduction Summit. You can play these  in the background while you work to reduce stress.  It's a great way to reduce adrenal fatigue.

It's amazzing how quickly you can restore your energy by addressing your own stress demons.  I am so excited to be part of the Premier Stress Summit and the gifted authors and healers who are donating their time to sharing their strategies.My interview was filled with valuable tips and I know the others will be too. Conquering the stress demons is a critical part of getting your hormones and neurotransmitters balanced so you can live your life joyfully, youthfully and full of energy.

Love, Health and Joy to you,

Dr. Ritamarie

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  1. jstate

    I’ve been wondering if this is my issue now because I’ve been under a lot of stress due to a close family member not being well. I’m going to do more research and work on getting my body back to it’s best. I found this article about adrenal fatigue from a wellness website that offers more insight into adrenal fatigue. It makes sense that it’s related to stress…

  2. Kathi Casey The Baby Boomer Health and Wellness Coach

    Thanks Dr. Ritamarie for shedding some light on the topic of adrenal fatigue. The term adrenal fatigue is quite controversial these days, and I also believe that every BODY is different and treatments should be individualized. The best solutions always include a combination of different therapies like nutrition, exercise and physical testing and exercise. In my practice, I see lots of people who have these symptoms and they all find relief through a combination of detoxing, a low glycemic index diet and an exercise plan that fits into their schedule. Thanks again for this valuable information.


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