The Power of Appreciation for Restful Sleep Dr. Ritamarie’s Gratitude Journal Day Revisited

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runner's gratitudeLast fall, 2011, I started an Appreciation Journal where I successfully shared my appreciations every day for 30 days. Feeling inspired by the results, I planned to continue to share my feelings of gratitude and thanks once a week.  Well, as all good plans sometimes do, that one fell by the wayside as my “Busyneess ”  took over.

Being recently brought back to the understanding of the importance of gratitude and sleep, I started a 30 day sleep journal, and was reminded about how many people were helped by the gratitude journal.

So beginning today, I'll combine gratitude with my sleep journal.

The Sleep Journal will officially be renamed the “Sleep and Gratitude Journal”

If you're looking to experience more energy, health and joy, join me on this appreciation journey and watch magical things unfold.

Comment below with 3 things you appreciate today.

And if you want a super sleep boost, before you fall asleep each night, take a few long slow deep breaths and place your right hand over your heart.  Breathe in deep appreciation for a person, place, event or thing in your life.  Experience the joy of that place, and pour your appreciation into it.

Continue to hold the thought, the image and the feeling as yu gently drift off to sleep.


Dr. Ritamarie's Appreciations for Today

  1. I the lovely spring weather that began on Sunday, after three days of rain to fill the reservoir.
  2. I appreciate my amazing team that support me in getting my message of health and healing out to the world.
  3. I appreciate my glucose meter, which has guided me to identify how my bad sleep habits have effected me and helps me to choose the foods and activities that keep me in balance.

For more information about how to use a glucose meter to get your blood sugars balanced and have the pleasant side effect of increased enenrgy, a flatter tummy and a sharper and more focused mind, take a look at my B4 Be Gone Program that starts soon.

I do so love to read all your appreciations, so let's get them coming again.

With Great Love and Appreciation,

Dr. Ritamarie

Go ahead, give yourself an energy boost. Comment below about what you appreciate today.



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