Vibrant Health Insights Through Pottery: The “Art” of Following Through

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I was doing a rare thing the other day – cleaning and reorganizing my bedroom. Something came up which provoked a deep emotional response, and I was moved to create this video.

Even a mentor needs a mentor.  The things I am good at, I can guide others through. For those things I have yet to master, I need guidance and support to follow through.

Those people who are about to start my B4 Be Gone Program for banishing belly fat, brain fog, and burnout know the importance of having a mentor. Some are coming back to repeat the program for the third time, not so much to “learn more” as to have the accountability and guidance to actually follow through!!!

Comment below and tell us about an experience you've had where mentorship and community created success for you in accomplishing your goals.

For details about a fully mentored 5-step, 30-Day System to repair your metabolism so you can enjoy a slim body, a sharp mind, and super energy, watch this video and learn about a very important and little known health challenge that might be keeping you from achieving vibrant health.

Love, Health and Joy to you,





Dr. Ritamarie

The Vibrant Health Mentor and Hormone Harmony Specialist

How has having support and community helped you achieve goals?

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