There’s Reason To Be Confused About The Right Diet…Very Confused

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Everywhere you turn there's another so-called expert telling you about the dangers or the magic of certain foods and food groups.

… don’t eat legumes

… eat lots of fat

… don’t eat too much fat

… eat only plants

… don’t eat plants

… stay away from grains

… eat as much bacon as you’d like

… carbs will make you fat.

So what’s the TRUTH?

It depends.

… on your genetics

… on your microbiome

… on your liver and gallbladder’s ability to digest fats

… and on whether or not you even have a gallbladder.

How Do You Know if the Diet is Right For You?

The right diet for you amidst all of these choices depends on your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, how much insulin you produce, your activity level, your current blood chemistry… and a lot more.

The latest fad diet is called the carnivore diet… and proponents of this diet say you shouldn’t eat any plants… your diet should be just meat.

That can’t be good for you! Even cavemen and carnivorous animals eat some plants. They eat the whole animal including the intestines which contain all the plants their prey ate.

The truth is many of the popular diet plans have merit for some people, and often some combination, tailored for your individual needs, is best for you.

The Best Diet Approach: Mastering Blood Sugar

In my close to 30 years of clinical practice, I’ve observed that people thrive when they discover their own metabolic sweet spot – the place where blood sugar is well-regulated, hormones are in balance, and mitochondrial function – the energy making mechanism in every cell – is optimal!

Start Balancing Blood Sugar in the Kitchen

I have written 250+ recipes aimed at keeping blood sugar levels very stable and I have seen thousands of people successfully stabilize they blood sugar by following a high fiber, low-glycemic, greens-centered diet.

Just click HERE to get a free guide to eating plant-based in a way that does not raise your blood sugar.

It’s time to end the confusion and have a clear strategy for when to eat, what to eat and how to live in a way that keeps you slim, energetic, and clear-headed.


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