TheTop Ten Foods that Reduce Inflammation

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match inflammatoryStudy after study is now coming to light that inflammation in the body is a major cause for nearly every health issue–or at least contributes to making it worse. Heart disease, cancer, auto-immune, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain are all closely tied to inflammation.

The good news is that inflammation can be significantly reduced and even eliminated using food and nutrition to help the body heal itself.


The Top Ten Foods That Reduce Inflammation

1. Ginger is a root that can be prepared as a tea, powder, or juiced for maximum inflammation-fighting properties.

ingwerwurzel2. Turmeric is known to be a potent anti-inflammatory. Add it to your foods and smoothies whenever you can.

3. Dark leafy vegetables are high in vitamin E which contains cytokines that protect from inflammation.

4. Brassica (cruciferous) vegetables contain potent minerals and nutrients that strengthen the immune system.

5. Chia seeds contain Omega 3's which are known to reduce inflammation.

broccoli-power-199x3006. Fatty fish like salmon also are high in Omega 3's. Make sure to choose wild caught.

7. Walnuts are also high in Omega 3's and can help reduce inflammatory responses in the body.

8. Beets can help reduce inflammation as well as protect your heart. Have in moderation.

9. Garlic and onions are delicious and extremely healing for your body. Crush fresh garlic and onions and let them sit for a few minutes to allow the allicin and quercetin to have the greatest effect.

10. Tart cherries are an excellent anti-inflammatory  if you consume them in moderation.

Other tips for reducing inflammation include:

  • Taking the time to breathe and appreciate your food before eating.
  • De-stressing your life as much as possible.
  • Eliminating gluten if you have sensitivity to it.
  • Avoiding the major inflammatory foods like: trans fats, highly processed foods, white sugar, processed white flour products, alcoholic beverages, too many omega 6 fats and not enough omega 3 fats, dairy products, MSG and other food additives, and of course gluten as previously mentioned.


eat_your_way_pain_3DFor other ways to use food to heal your body and reduce pain and inflammation, check out my home-study course:

Eat Your Way Out of Pain


Life is meant to be enjoyed pain free! Incorporate these foods into your diet to help your body heal itself and restore your vitality.



With love and appreciation,


Comment below: What are some of your favorite anti-inflammatory herbs and recipes?

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  1. Zyxomma

    I was surprised to see no sea vegetables on the list (although it’s a great list); they’re so mineral-rich and supportive of the thyroid. I love combining raw, soaked seaweed with soaked nuts (e.g. walnuts, Brazils), ripe red pepper, celery, and hot and savory spices (ginger, wasabi, Szechuan peppercorns), and blending up a “seafood” pate in the Vitamix. I serve it with avocado, tomato (or sun-dried tomato during the winter), and sunflower sprouts. The red pepper gives it the pink color of salmon salad, and the seaweeds give it a seafood flavor without any dead things. Health and peace.

    • Zyxomma

      Oops! I left out the shallot or sweet onion!



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