Radio Show: The Interlocked Triad of Health- Adrenal, Thyroid, Blood Sugar

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3 ringsOur bodies are amazing, interconnected creations. When your body is working properly, you can do incredible things with it…at any age. At 57, Dr. Ritamarie still enjoys the vitality of someone typically decades younger. What's her secret?

Honestly it's no secret at all. In her quest to override her own hereditary dispositions as well as feel great in her own skin, Dr. Ritamarie found a core Matrix of health: the Adrenal-Thyroid-Blood Sugar triad.

When she discovered in herself and her many patients that the root cause of almost every ailment had to to with breakdowns and imbalances in these three main areas, she created protocols and programs to do just that.

Many people focus only on adrenal or thyroid or blood sugar and then that's the end of it. Someone fatigued looks at adrenal repair. Someone with diabetes or pre-diabetes focuses only on blood sugar. And someone with hypo-thyroid or hyper-thyroid seeks solutions only for that issue. You get the picture.

Here's the kicker though: you can’t solve just one. All three need to be in balance–and this is of such extreme importance that it was decided that a radio show needed to focus on this subject.

Hint: the connections aren't always that obvious…until you know what to look for and they they are unmistakably glaringly obvious. In this episode of Vibrant Health Solutions Radio, Dr. Ritamarie will reveal how these three interact, what the missing links are, and give you some tips on how to improve this potent triune relationship immediately. Don't miss this powerful show!

Show Day:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time: 8am PT / 9am MT / 10am CT / 11am ET
Length: 30 Minutes

The show call in number is: (424) 243-9555

At show time, refresh this page and click on the blog talk radio player to the right or go to Blog Talk Radio to listen in:

The episode link is: Vibrant Health Solutions Radio

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In this show learn:

  • How the triad of adrenals, thyroid, and blood sugar interact
  • One of the missing links in solving thyroid problems (hint: look to the balance of one of the other 3: blood sugar)
  • How the stress response, i.e. cortisol, increases blood sugar, makes insulin resistance worse, and damages thyroid receptors on cells (don't be afraid…it can be reversed, but it's important to know).
  • 3 steps to improve this triad relationship right now, and start getting your health back!

Additional Resources:

Download or listen to the replay here!

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Learn more about the program that Dr. Ritamarie developed to help balance this triad and to help you look and feel young and vibrant again! Click Here  to get your free videos while they are still up!


b4begone-moduleplusbonusiconFINALx325-pdf-mp3-300x180Or, if you are ready to dig right in and take control of your health…you can Join the B4 Be Gone Program and watch your belly fat, brain fog, blood sugar imbalance, burnout and fatigue fatigue fade away! Click Here

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