When Digestive Systems Go Awry

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In this episode you’ll learn the basics about “Leaky Gut.” What it is and why should you be concerned about its effect on your health?

What are the real risks you face when eating foods your body is sensitive to and what other factors are involved in the contributing to a toxic environment in the GI tract?

Your digestion has been impaired and allows toxins into your blood which should NOT be there. Find out why your gut is a MAJOR source of toxins coming into the system, and you cannot successfully support the kidneys and liver in eliminating toxins from the body if you are not eliminating the direct source of toxins from the gut FIRST!!

Dr. Ritamarie will discuss the “4-R Program” that in functional medicine is used to improve conditions in the gut and bring about healthy repair:

The Four Rs are:

Remove the offending substances. These are sources of toxins plus unwanted guests, like bacteria and yeast. You'll be removing them by eating pure foods, drinking pure water, and replacing good flora. You'll crowd them out by removing their fuel source… sugar and refined carbs.

Replace missing enzymes via raw foods, herbs to stimulate stomach acid and enzyme supplementation

Restore and repair the damage caused by inflammatory foods using herbs and gut repair nutrients.

Reinoculate, or replace the normal flora that have been destroyed by drugs and poor eating habits with the use of probiotic foods and supplements.

Dr. Ritamarie is about to guide a group of people through the 4 R program, phase 2 of the a 6 week deep tissue detox. For more information, go to http://www.drritamarie.com/go/sixweekdetox

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