How to Overcome Chronic Fatigue: Regain Energy and Vitality

Chronic Fatigue is destroying lives!

Chronic fatigue can be distressing, especially for people who are trying to balance job, families, and relationships.

The figures for persistent fatigue during the previous ten years are frightening. and the global pandemic of the previous two years has only made matters worse.

According to research, at least one in four people experience chronic fatigue, and more than 80% of people consult a doctor when they're feeling exhausted!


Health professionals in the conventional system are masking symptoms and not getting to the root causes

People are therefore growing increasingly frantic to find a solution.

The dictionary defines fatigue as “feelings of tiredness, sleepiness, lower energy, and greater effort needed to accomplish tasks at a desired level,” and it can be either acute or chronic.


Fatigue impacts relationships, careers, and just plain pleasure in life.

It's a terrible fact, but the global chronic fatigue epidemic offers a unique opportunity for the most committed, moral, and knowledgeable practitioners to take the lead, have a significant impact on many people, and transform the gift of helping others into a successful profession.

Intitute of Nutritional Endocrinology will expose you to the methods and resources needed to truly serve others and have a greater impact on the world in the pages that follow.

The framework for resolving even the most challenging and chronic health issues involving energy metabolism and mitochondrial dysfunction can be learned if you want to be able to assist your patients in achieving optimal health, experiencing true healing, and living longer… as well as build your own financially viable health practice at the same time.

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These Statistics are Alarming

According to a survey by the National Safety Council (NSC), two-thirds of the US labor force experiences workplace fatigue. Occupational fatigue results in reduced cognitive performance and thus in poor productivity.

Safety is also impacted by fatigue. Fatigue has similar effects to intoxication in that it slows reaction times, impairs attention spans, and makes one more aware of dangers. In actuality, car accidents are the main reason why people die at work.

Consider these Statistics From The American Sleep Foundation

  • 60% of adult drivers, or 168 million people, reported driving while feeling drowsy.
  • Fatigued people are 3 times more likely to be in a car crash
  • 37%, or 103 million people, have fallen asleep while driving.
  • 13% of adult drivers confessed to driving while drowsy at least once a month.
  • 4%, or 11 million people, had or almost had an accident due to fatigued driving.

Improve Chronic Fatigue Outcomes
Functional Nutrition and Nutrigenomic Strategies

This year's S.H.I.N.E. Event is focused on giving you the strategies and resources you need to successfully identify the underlying causes of fatigue and support your patients and clients to get their energy back.

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