Nutrigenomics Health & Wellness Coaching Service

What is Nutrigenomics? & Why is it important to know what food are best for your Genes?

Nutrigenomics is the study of how our genetic makeup interacts with food, lifestyle choices, and other factors in order to determine whether we develop disease or stay healthy. 

The Science Behind Genes and Nutrition.

In simple terms, nutrigenomics is the science behind why certain foods work better than others for some people. For example, eating more fruits and vegetables has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, while eating too much red meat has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology assists you in your journey in keeping your nutrigenomics, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalance treatment on track. With our proven system and resources we can provide you with a detailed full lab analysis that can target specific issues of nutrient deficiency, gut problems, digestion issues, fatigue, blood & surgar levels.

Getting You into a Nutrigenomic System

laboratory analysis service or INE

Schedule an Initial Private Session with Lab Analysis

Get a thorough automated report and individualized nutrition advice.
when you sign up for a review of a lab test.
Meet with a qualified member of our Nutritional Endocrinology team.

to examine your most current blood test results from a functional standpoint.

The Lab Test Review is recommended for you if…

  • You'd like to get started with the initial step toward healing. It includes a health and habits review and an initial consultation with a certified Nutritional Endocrinology practitioner. It's a chance for you to see if our approach is a good fit for you.
  • You’ve been struggling with low energy, brain fog, excess belly fat or overall just not feeling “right.”
  • You want customized support and guidance to assess and adjust your lifestyle regime.
  • You know that you could get better results if you had someone to directly talk to about your health.

12-Month Group Plus Private Coaching

The fundamental difference between the levels is the amount of one-on-one coaching and mentorship they include. In all levels, you get complete access to Dr. Ritamarie’s unique Body Freedom Foundations education and tools, plus the complete collection of programs to balance your hormones and body systems, as a part of the Body Balance Collection.

To help you put it all to work for you, keep you motivated and inspired, and help you with challenges you encounter as you get into action in all levels, you will be assigned a Nutritional Endocrinology Coach Team to guide you through the program.

    health & wellness coaching through nutrigenomics

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    A best-selling author, speaker, and internationally recognized nutrition and women's health authority with over 25 years of clinical experience, Dr. Ritamarie offers online programs, long-distance coaching and counseling, and deeply empowering and informative live events.


    She's been a featured speaker for dozens of online summits, podcasts, and events, and her articles have appeared in many national magazines as well as countless online publications, including the Journal of Nutritional Perspectives, a publication for credentialed health and nutrition professionals.

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