Outrageous Mastery

Let OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® Provide You With Your Own Personally Designed Key To The Code of Powerful Creation In Your Life
* Understand The True Meaning and Purpose of Your Life (Why are you here?)
* Create Shocking Business, Career, & Job Success
* Finally Heal Your Painful Relationships
* Learn to “DIRECT” prosperity… because just “attracting it” is not enough.
* Receive & Understand Answers to ALL your Prayers

The Healing Codes

Home Study Course
• Heal “programmed” underlying stress
• Heal 12 categories of issues that affect all areas of life
• Use 24 unique and powerful Healing Codes to change your life
• Learn to apply The Healing Codes in all situations
• Heal all negative emotions that control you
• Heal all unhealthy beliefs that run your life
• Heal all destructive cellular memories
• Remove unconscious and subconscious stress
• Heal the stress that causes illness and disease

The Passion Test

Take the Passion Test – Then take action to follow your passions and start fulfilling your life's purpose.