Green Travel Food: Getting Greens on the Go!

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getting your greens while travelingGreens are such powerhouses of nutrients that they are considered nature's superfood. I am always looking for ways to help people to eat more greens. For the past week and a half I have been doing a green cleanse, during which the only food I consume is blended greens – soups and smoothies. I am really enjoying it. My energy is super high, and I sleep well because I go to bed feeling so light. I am getting ready to go on a plane trip to Colorado to go skiing for a few days, and want to continue to eat as much green food as possible. So, tonight, in preparation, I made 3 flavors of blended green soup and dehydrated them into rounds, like big tortillas. Portable Green food for travels and eating on the slope!!! Very tasty too.

I am working on an e-book of foods that are abundant with greens- green soups, green salad dressings, green smoothies, green desserts, green wraps, and more. Last week we had a wonderful green sorbet and the week before chocolate “ice cream” with greens in it. Eat your greens was never as fun as it is now!!! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I just posted the upcoming class schedule at The classes are filled with unusual ideas like this, as well as demonstrations and tastings! Hope to see you at one soon!

Healthfully yours,

Dr Ritamarie



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