How to Find Safe, Non-Toxic Toothpaste and Teeth Whitening

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What do we do to have a healthy mouth?

Most of us are already brushing our teeth twice per day and don't realize that the products we use harm the longevity of our teeth.

Trina Felber, founder of Primal Life Organics, has an impressive story of turning her family's (and her own) health around by investigating the teeth. A Registered Nurse and mother, Trina was motivated to study mouth health when her two-year old daughter developed cavities. She created Primal Life Organics to provide safe, non-toxic alternatives to the leading toothpastes, whitening systems, and oral care products.

We invited her to chat with us about her innovative products and essential guidelines for choosing non-toxic mouth care products, rebuilding strong, white teeth and restoring healthy gums.

The Microbiome of the Mouth

Our mouths have their own microbiome that gets swallowed all day via saliva, food, and drinks and interacts with your gut microflora. Like the gut, the mouth's microbiome has both beneficial “probiotic” bacteria and harmful bacteria that we ingest from our environment, like E. coli and H. Pylori.

A robust population of good bacteria and oral care products, like tooth paste or mouthwash, should help us kill harmful bacteria before they get swallowed.

The Problem with Popular Dental Hygiene

Unfortunately, the leading commercial toothpastes and washes are often too harsh and sterilizing, killing off all of the good mouth bacteria along with the bad. The effect of brushing your teeth can be like taking an antibiotic each time you brush!

In addition, most of the leading commercial toothpastes and product contain potentially toxic ingredients like alcohol, sulfates, and bleaches which our bodies may absorb and even swallow each time we brush the teeth.

How Modern Diet Harms Our Mouth Health

Strong teeth and healthy gum tissue need an alkaline mouth environment and minerals from our food, saliva, and oral care products.

The standard, modern diet poses several problems. First, we eat a lot of processed sugar, which bacteria in the mouth feed on and produce acid. An acidic environment in the mouth leaches minerals from the teeth and wears down tooth enamel, which can lead to cavities and root canals.

In addition, our food contains less minerals than our ancestors' food because intensive agriculture depletes minerals from the soil where we grow our food.

What to Look for in a Toothpaste

The good news is we can counterbalance the acidic, demineralized condition of the mouth. A tooth paste or powder that is both alkalizing and contains minerals can rebuild tooth enamel over time.

While baking soda and activated charcoal are good to use in a pinch instead of harsh, commercial toothpastes, they are insufficient to be used alone because they lack minerals.

Bentonite clay is ideal for remineralizing teeth because it's high in the calcium and phosphorous in the exact ionic form the teeth can absorb. One of the unique features of Primal Life Organics toothpaste is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver can get into the pockets of your gum and actually kill bad bacteria without killing good bacteria.

The Dangers of Peroxide Whitening

White teeth don't only look good, they are a sign of mineralized, healthy teeth. As the teeth absorb minerals, the enamel grows thicker which makes the teeth appear whiter.

The problem with peroxide whitening is that it does not build up your enamel. Rather, it temporarily whitens by pulling fluid from your dentin, the spongy, pulpy layer beneath tooth enamel. The whitening effect doesn't last because the dentin will refill with fluid eventually.

Anyone with amalgam or silver fillings should not use peroxide products inside their mouth because the peroxide can break down and corrode the actual filling and then leach mercury into your body.

Effective, Safe, and Therapeutic Whitening At Home

Primal Life's innovative gel whitening system is not just beautifying, it's also therapeutic and designed to remineralize teeth and heal gum tissue.

The system consists of USB-lit trays that fit around the teeth and Primal Life's health-promoting, whitening gel. The blue and red light have been studied to kill bacteria that cause gingivitis and increase blood flow to nourish the gums.

Primal Life's gel is olive oil-based because it is more effective (and easier on your plumbing) than coconut oil for drawing toxins out of the gums. The formula contains two types of clay so that while you are whitening your teeth you are also building your tooth enamel. It also contains essential oils to help improve the microbiome inside your mouth and add a pleasant aroma.

The system is portable and powered by a USB cord that hooks up to your cell phone or a portable charging stick. Primal Life tested the device itself and it emits zero EMFs.

If you would like to try Primal Life Organic's innovative, therapeautic, and non-toxic whitening system, our readers will receive a 50% discount by shopping with this link:

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