Metabolism Boosting Blunder: Why Eating Smaller, Frequent Meals May Make You Fat!

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metabolism boosting blunder: why eating smaller, frequent meals makes you fat

– by Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

I want to share one of my favorite tips for keeping the extra pounds from creeping in around your waistline, and it has to do with how far apart you space your meals.

One of my Bye-Bye Belly Fat, Brain Fog, and Burnout video subscribers wrote and asked me why I was advising only 3 meals a day spaced 5-6 hours apart when she had at least 5 books on her shelf written by respected health educators telling her to eat frequent, small meals.

All too often, “so called experts” tell you to eat many small meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar steady. What they don't tell you is that constant feeding means you have a steady stream of insulin in your bloodstream.

Whatever sugar insulin can't manage to get inside your cells, it stores away as fat… around your belly!

So, while eating every couple of hours keeps your blood sugar from getting too low, it never allows for the rhythmic ebb and flow of insulin. It also causes your leptin and growth hormone levels to go down.

metabolism boosting by adding time between mealsSince these hormones are involved in feeling satiated after meals and in fat burning, you're shooting yourself in the foot when you eat every few hours. The ideal meal spacing appears to be somewhere between 5 and 6 hours.

You might be thinking, “I can't go 5 hours without eating.”

Of course you can't NOW. You have faulty metabolic pathways that need to be repaired before you can space your meals optimally.

Eating every couple of hours may appear to “solve” your problem and keep your blood sugar even, but it's really just masking the underlying issue. A balanced body can go 6 hours or longer without feeling faint or irritable.

My B4 Be Gone System gives you the steps to repair the underlying imbalances so you can keep your blood sugar nice and steady without the damaging effects of high insulin all day long.

And I show you exactly how to gradually increase the length of time between meals so your energy remains steady. My system is designed to guide you to find the right timing for YOU and gradually optimize it as your cells repair. This can happen rather quickly.

One of my clients went from having to eat every hour to easily going 5 hours between meals…within less than two weeks! And she finally dropped 12 of the pounds she'd been struggling to let go for years. In my B4 Be Gone Program, I show you exactly how to restore the sensitivity of your cells to insulin so you can space your meals, burn more fat, lay down more muscle, and keep your energy and focus nice and steady all day long.

You owe it to the world to get out from under the veil of an under-focused mind, low energy, and lack of confidence in your appearance. It's your time to shine. Join us for the incredible B4 Be Gone Journey and unleash your greatness.

You really are unstoppable!

You're going to step into your passion and potential as soon as you step out of the fog.

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