New Hope for Chronic Fatigue: The Care and Feeding of Your Thyroid Gland

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Hypothyroidism, Hashimotos. Graves Disease. Pick your flavor of thyroid hormone imbalance. What used to be a topic discussed only in physiology class and within the confines of the hospital or doctor’s office, has practically become the subject of dinnertime conversation. “You’re tired a lot? Have you had your thyroid checked?”

Why is thyroid disorder reaching epidemic proportion? How can you protect yourself? Can thyroid problems be reversed? These are questions that Dr. Ritamarie gets all the time. Listen in and discover how you can nourish and care for your thyroid in ways that protect it, what common foods are actually hurting your thyroid and what lifestyle factors you can change to keep your thyroid humming and your energy high.

For additional resources to you’re your thyroid gland functioning optimally visit and

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