Self-Care Activities You Can Do to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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In all the years I’ve been working with women, I have witnessed their self-less actions each day as they make sure others around them are taken care of.  It doesn’t matter if you have children of your own or not, there is something hard-wired in women that nurturing and caretaking comes naturally towards others.

But you may not share that same quality for yourself.  Taking care of yourself doesn’t come naturally.

One thing I try to impress upon the women I work with is the importance of self-care.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you may not be able to fully take care of those around you.

So, this Mother’s Day, whether you birthed a child, help others with their children, or just generally take care of everyone around you, I want to give you some simple ideas towards your own self-care.

You could probably do some of these with other women, as well as children.

1.  Make a smoothie. If you are doing this with children, help them at the grocery store to choose vegetables and fruits that will taste good together, as well as giving you great nutrients.  You can adjust the liquid to as thick or thin as you would like it.  I have lots of recipes for smoothies, and this blog post lists some great ingredients, too

2. Feed your face. I love telling people to play with their food, but so often you might think that’s only with the food you feed your body.  Your skin can be part of the digestive process, so what you put on it needs consideration, too.  We often see children smearing mashed food on their face, so maybe it’s time we learn this lesson from them.  For example, you can mash an avocado that will moisturize and hydrate your skin, along with just a touch of honey for the antimicrobial aspect.  Also, coconut oil can be another fun food to play with that also will bring you a sense of balance.

3. Strike a pose. Moving your body is a great way to become present and in touch with how you’re feeling – both physically and with the emotions that come up.  Yoga and qi gong are great ways to restore some balance in your life.  Children love to get on the ground and lift their legs and dance around.  After doing this, you’ll also find ways to include these mindfulness practices in your work day.

4. Take a bath in the woods. What?!  You may be thinking I’m crazy about now, but I’m talking about forest bathing.  Getting into nature and hugging a tree or two.  We have become a nature-deficit society, so I want to help you get back out there.  As you plant your feet in the dirt, take a deep breath and look up at the sky.  When was the last time you did that?  Doesn’t it feel good?  I frequently do Facebook Live videos from my favorite waterfall.

5. Go to Sleep Early. This is one that I’m trying to be much better at.  In my Energy Recharge Coaching program, we have seven pillars, with sleep being one of them.  When you find yourself eating the foods for your body, moving and getting exercise, but you’re not seeing the improvements you would like, look at your sleep hygiene.  Sometimes as women we feel the need to keep doing as much as we can – from putting things away and tidying up to answering that one last email.  Next time, just step away and go to bed.  You will find yourself waking up with renewed vigor and a clear mind.

As you review all of these different activities and think to yourself, “Sure, sure, someday…”, I encourage you to think when ‘someday’ is going to happen.  What we most frequently need is that accountability buddy to check in with.  I offer this in my Energy Recharge Coaching program.  Having someone available for you that you can talk to, ask questions, and help you on a path that takes care of you – so you can truly be there to take care of others.

What self-care activities will you incorporate into your life that you can enjoy?  Do you have any that you will share with children?

Please share them with us, so we can all get ideas.

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