The Top Ten Hormone Balancing Foods for Energy, Fitness and Fun!

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Two bowls of vegan food on a table for optimal health.

collection of different plates with healthy foodI love working with hormones.   When we can bring balance to hormones, everything starts to improve.

When I say hormone balance, you, like most people , probably start thinking about  menopause, PMS, loss of libido  and other female issues.  Yet there is so much more, and often these “female” hormone imbalances are caused by imbalances in what I call the “survival hormones.”

I especially love  helping people restore their energy and overcome fatigue by restoring balance to adrenal, thyroid imbalance, and blood sugars in balance hormones.

Even when someone presents with symptoms of female hormone imbalance, I often start with what I  have come to term the”survival” hormones. They are the hormones that are vital to our day to day functions and have daily rhythms. Not to say I don’t deal with the sex hormones, which tend to have a monthly cycle. Those are vital too. And they are intimately related to the day to day hormones.

Below are some of my favorite tools for restoring hormone balance.

fruits-vegetables-isolated-square-150x150And guess what?  They are all foods!

In my online course Eating for Hormone Balance I share lots more resources and recipes about how to use the power of delicious foods to balance hormones—including recipe demos, step-by-step instructions and complete recipe guide.

Incorporate these 10 foods daily to begin the process of hormone restoration.

1.    Kelp – laminaria digitata 1-2 ounces per week
2.    Brazil nuts – 2 – 4 per day
3.    Kale – 2-3 bunches a week
4.    Chlorella – loaded with minerals and great for cleansing and blood sugar balance
5.    Chia seeds – for omega 3 fats and blood sugar balance and endurance
6.    Coconut – a companion to chia seed that helps omega 3 fat elongation to EPA and DHA.  Also a good source of gut healing and flora balancing MCT oil a, capryllic acid and monolaurin. (MCT is also good for your brain).
7.    Broccoli sprouts – 2-3 packages a week and / or Broccoli seeds – 1-2 tablespoons a day
image0018.    Turmeric – an Indian spice that turns inflammation on its side, protects from cancer and protects you in so many ways
9.    Ashwaganda – (unless you are hyperthyroid)  1 teaspoon per day in a smoothie or 30 drops of tincture 2-3 times a day
10.    Pure water – twice your body weight in fluid ounces of water

Additional Resources for you to Enjoy:

The Eating for Hormone Balance class I mentioned earlier is a huge wellspring of fantastic recipes, tips and resources for eating in such a way to restore and balance your hormones. When these are in harmony, your energy skyrockets through the roof.

When your hormones are balanced, you get to enjoy being lean and fit. However, hormone balancing is a delicate dance that for most people doesn't even start with the male/female hormones. It starts with proper meal spacing, healthy sleep habits, what types of exercise is best and when, and becoming aware of how to regulate blood sugar spikes and dips. Learn about all of these powerful hormone balancing strategies and more in my free 5-part Video Series:

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Use these free tips to begin incorporating delicious hormone balancing into your daily life…and begin seeing the benefits. Sign up for my free video series above to learn even more about how to dance with your hormones in a beautiful, energy-uplifting way that leaves you feeling wonderful every day, at any age!

With much love and appreciation,


Comment below: What are some of your favorite natural  hormone balancing tips, foods, and recipes. Please share, we'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Mary Kay

    Thanks! Shouldn’t # 10 read “1/2 your body weight(lbs) in ounces. So if you weigh 150 lbs, you should be drinking 75 oz/day, which is approx. 9 c/water per day.

    Again, thanks for all you do.

    Mary Kay, Cleveland, Ohio

  2. herryponting

    Hormone therapy is still considered the most effective treatment for symptoms. But women are not rushing back.



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