There’s a Pill for That

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We live in a time where there is a pill for just about anything that ails you.

  • Aches and pains? There’s a pill for that.
  • Tired? There’s a pill for that.
  • Overweight? There are hundreds of pills for that.

But these pills just cause more ailments. They may solve one problem, but then create another.

What’s the answer?

In his book, The Tao of Rejuvenation, Angelo Druda goes back into the days of our ancestors to write prescriptions for modern times. He took the most pertinent information and laid it out for the modern reader in a clear and a concise way so that people can actually understand the principles that the ancients used to extend life, understand those principles and also begin to incorporate them into their own life.

Listen is as Dr. Ritamarie and Angelo Druda discuss herbal medicine and the ancient arts of healing.

If you’ve been there, tried that, then this show just might be the answer you have been searching for.

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