Radio Show: Shocking Truths: Insulin Resistance Demystified

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Funny Blood sugar test

Many people may be insulin resistant, even on a healthy, whole foods diet, and even if they test negative for diabetes or pre-diabetes!

Funny Blood sugar test


This week's show about demystifying blood sugar imbalances and setting the record straight about what is a worldwide epidemic.  Diabetes is rampant across the globe. The topic of blood sugar imbalances and how to prevent diabetes before it sets in has become a major focus, and with good reason.

Many people are aware of the extreme health risks and dangers of diabetes. However, blood sugar imbalances can lead to a whole host of other extremely critical health risks as well.

What IS insulin resistance?

How do you know if you are insulin resistant?

Can it affect even otherwise healthy and fit people? (this part will shock you)!

Dr. Ritamarie will share with you her own dramatic story with insulin resistance.  She says: “As crazy as it sounds, I am healthy as a horse BUT am insulin resistant!”

Show Day:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Time: 8am PT / 9am MT / 10am CT / 11am ET
Length: 30 Minutes

The show call in number is: (424) 243-9555

At show time, refresh this page and click on the blog talk radio player to the right or go to Blog Talk Radio to listen in:

The episode link is: Vibrant Health Solutions Radio

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In this show learn:

    • Simple observational symptoms to watch out for, which may indicate you are insulin resistant.
    • The very real danger of insulin resistance, what it can lead to, and the health risks you cannot ignore.
    • Basic guidelines for healthy ranges and for testing at home.
    • Ways to mitigate blood sugar imbalances before it becomes problematic.

 Additional Resources:

Listen to or download the replay!

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NOTE: If you are concerned about how to test yourself and take your blood sugar imbalances into your own hands, then look no further than Dr. Ritamarie's blood sugar balancing program:

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