A Functional Nutrition Based Health Guide for a Joyful & Successful Healthy 2023

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A man jumping over a cliff, promoting optimal health and functional nutrition in the year 2033.

The year 2022 is about to end and we get to start over with a new year

New goals, new visions, and a renewed commitment to health!

Would you like to close the year out on a high note? Celebrate the incoming new year without alcohol, and typical “not so healthy” party food?

The typical New Year’s Eve party is fraught with things that compromise your health.

And if you’ve already indulged over the holidays – with sweets and treats – you might think “what the heck?” I’ve already blown it. But seriously, why not start your new year commitments NOW?

How would you like to wake up on January 1 feeling clear headed and excited about the year ahead?

Here are a few party ideas that will help you end the year on a high note.

  1. If you’re going out, be sure to eat well before going, so you’re less tempted by alcoholic beverages and processed party foods. If you’ve been intermittent fasting, you’re already developed the skill for going without. If you feel you must indulge in something, then follow the following tips.

2. Bring along food to share. You can make healthy hordourves platters by peeling and thin-slicing cucumbers and jicama and making a yummy dip that you can top them with. I once went to a party and made a big hit with my platter. I made creamy nut cheese, divided it into three, and made colorful variations.

I kept one white, added some greens to one and beet powder or juice to the other, and layered the dips on top of the jicama and cucumber using either a pastry bag or even a plastic bag with the corner cut off. Several years ago I did a live class called Party & Potluck Nibbles That Nourish. Many of the recipes suitable for making and bringing to a New Year's Eve party are in our 25 for 25 Holiday Bundle

3. If you’re staying home, and entertaining family or friends, it’s even easier to make healthy food alternatives. One year I invited friends over and we had a cannoli bar with all the ingredients for making healthy cannoli, my favorite Italian dessert.

I put out coconut wraps cut in 4ths, a coconut cream sweetened with luo han, and some dark chocolate chips and nibs. Everyone had fun assembling all the healthy ingredients into delicious cannoli’. Theres a video of me making this on a Youtube show by Elegantly Raw.


4. Enjoy healthy substitutes for alcoholic beverages

a. Kevita Lemon Cayenne served in a wine glass
b. Healthy eggnog substitute
c. Vegetable juice sweetened with a little fruit or low glycemic sweetener like monk fruit
d. Healthy Mocktails

5. If you plan to be out late – after all it is New Year’s Eve – take a nap in the afternoon and plan to sleep in on Jan 1 if you can.

Remember – your health is the most important asset you have. Protect it while still having a fun time. Ensure that 2022 goes out in style and you welcome 2023 fully committed to your health.

Happy New Year!

Comment below and let us know how you celebrated New Year’s Eve.


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