BRUSHING UP ON SKIN DETOX: A simple daily activity to boost your health

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A woman is holding a brush on her shoulder to promote functional health.

Skin cells have a short half-life, which means they are constantly being renewed.  This is a great process for our body to have, as we are then able to heal surface wounds quickly!  But a build-up of old cells impairs the skin’s ability to detoxify the body (one of its primary functions).  Fortunately, there is a quick and easy daily habit to boost this cleansing – and it feels so good, too!

Dry body brushing loosens dead cells, opens pores for more efficient toxin removal, and promotes healthy skin regeneration.  There are other benefits as well:

  • The lymphatic system is stimulated to increase flow and drainage (as effective as a brisk walk), subsequently  prompting removal of more toxins
  • Your circulation is enhanced, bringing more blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the skin for healthy renewal
  • General health is promoted via stimulation of acupressure points and meridians
  • Your immune system is boosted through all the above activities

In addition, anecdotal evidence suggests dry brushing can tighten the skin and reduce cellulite, varicose veins, and premature aging, while encouraging collagen production.   No downside here!

Body brushes can be found in the ‘lifestyle’ sections of many health food stores.  Choose a natural bristle brush that is soft enough for your skin, while still stimulating.

The best time to brush your body is immediately before your shower.   Simply begin with the soles of the feet and move upward, using circular motions or long strokes as each feels appropriate.   Always brush towards the heart or navel, to assure proper lymphatic movement.

Be gentle – there is no need to cause skin lacerations.  You will probably find that you apply more pressure in some areas (such as calves) and lighten up in others (your neck, for instance).  But you will ALWAYS want to avoid the face, and especially those tender areas where the skin is thinner OR healing.  And here’s a tip for the more delicate amongst us — if the brush feels too abrasive in the beginning, use it in the shower, instead, until your body adapts.

The entire process takes only a couple of minutes, and is sooooo worth it.  Now jump into the shower to wash away all that sloughed-off debris – aaahhhhh!!  You are left feeling clean, smooth, and refreshed.

If you want to take your showering experience a step further, try adding this ancient Ayurvedic practice to your dry brushing routine:  Between brushing and showering, give yourself a self-massage with organic sesame oil  (not too much – you don’t want to be slipping around in the shower!)  A lovely experience awaits you…

For more detoxification tips and ideas, look at the webinar I did on liver detoxification

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