Personalizing Nutrition to Individual Needs

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I have a pet peeve.

I am very much opposed to anyone; myself included (LOL) deciding that there is a single “right diet” for everyone.  

I am opposed to defining nutritious foods as universally dangerous because some people can't process them.  There are all sorts of diet plans out there — and when creating a plan for yourself, or a client, it’s best to pick and choose components from whichever make sense, and individualize the program for a particular person.

This video, originally recorded LIVE on Facebook, delves into the dangers of food cults.  I talk about the evolution farm food plan, to food dogma, to food religion to food cult, simply based on the attitude with which it's described and promoted.

Have a listen and enjoy.  

Some of the diets I mention on this video are:

  • Low histamine
  • Low oxalate
  • Avoid nightshades
  • Gluten-free
  • Low sulfur
  • Low FODMAPs
  • SCD

I will delve into much more detail about this at my SHINE Conference, including checklists, charts and recipes you can share with your clients.

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1 Comment

  1. Angie

    Yes!! I so agree that there is no one diet for everyone. There’s too many variables.


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